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Surface Level Collective Live Streams & Hip-Hop Reviews

This past weekend we debuted our hip-hop album review discussions on Discord. Our topic was 1998’s Third Eye Vision by the Hieroglyphics. Proseed, DFRNTFRM & DJ Blacklisted talked about the best moments and overall significance of the classic indie hip-hop gem.

Check out the discussion below:

Future discussions will be hosted on Discord and live streamed on Youtube. Have you joined our Discord server and subscribed to SLR on Youtube? Please do, and we look forward to hearing from you on our community channel.

Ill Advanced “Maple Terrace”

Ill Advanced, a consistent and prolific emcee and producer from Pittsburgh, PA, recently dropped the first single off his upcoming album, C’Est La Vie. The track, “Maple Terrace,” has the artist reflecting on his past, returning to his grandmother’s old home and neighborhood, while also embracing fatherhood. The video contains beautiful shots of the aforementioned neighborhood, home video footage, as well as his current stomping grounds, as he walks with his children.

The production contains a brooding piano sample supported by a simplistic bass line, kick & snare. The arrangement serves to provide the vocals, as well as the songwriting direction, breathing room. Lyrically, Ill Advanced is as reflective as ever with lines like “I had a lot of artists in the family, where I got it I guess.” The track will be available on all streaming platforms on September 3rd. Until then, the track and all other Ill Advanced music can be supported at https://illadvanced.bandcamp.com

Proseed Interview With Stereo Stickman

Recently, Proseed was interviewed by the online music magazine Stereo Stickman. He discussed his new album, Songs and Seven Blunders, as well as his writing and production process, and the past, present and future of Music by Proseed. Read the entire interview over at Stereo Stickman.