Surface Level Freestyles, 1.01

If you’ve been keeping up with our social media, you’ve probably heard about the project Reasun and myself are working on. It’s an artistic endeavor entirely composed of off the top freestyles over simple production; nothing overproduced, neither the rhymes, vocals or beats. I personally like the vulnerability of the approach. To start, we are releasing individual tracks every Friday on our respective Soundcloud pages (Reasun’s SC, Proseed’s SC). Alternatively, you can check out the Surface Level Records Soundcloud page to hear both in one location. The first edition of this volume, 1.01, is available for your listening pleasure now:

Check back every Friday for a new edition. Eventually we’ll get together on a few of them and then compile the best into an official release to be made available on Bandcamp and all major & minor digital outlets. Be sure to take a look at our Events section for this project and other upcoming releases.

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