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Proseed is Now Dereos Roads

If you follow Proseed on social media, you might have noticed that he’s been hinting at it for a couple months now…he’s changing his name.

It is our pleasure at Surface Level Records to introduce you to…

🎧🎀 Dereos Roads 🎸🎹

So what does that mean for the Proseed discography?

All music under Proseed will remain on Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, Bandcamp and everywhere else. Bandcamp has been updated with a new subdomain, so gone are the days of proseed.bandcamp and here are the days of (I’ll eventually update the subdomain to an even more official name also).

An official website is already up: 🀘

All social media handles have been updated, and a new Youtube page is in the works (changing that would be a real pain given the amount of music/distribution rights tied to my original artist name).

It’s an exciting time! Thank you for reading and for all your continued support!

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