Dereos Roads “Worlds Apart” Lyrics Video

It’s about two weeks in and we’re getting a great response for Dereos Roads’ “Worlds Apart.” So far we’ve heard “he’s a cool rapper” and the song has “crossover appeal” while remaining “gutter.” To keep the momentum growing, check out the lyrics video (releasing on 8/8 at 2 PM EST) and stay tuned for the official video in the coming weeks.

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Highlights from Amongst the Crates at the Government Center

Saturday night was a blast.

Everyone who grabbed the mic tore it down.

The crowd was feeling it!

The atmosphere was really something special.

Check out highlights from the first edition of Amongst the Crates in the 412: live MCs, DJs and beatmakers. Featuring performances by DFRNTFRM, Reasun, Shade Cobain, Dereos Roads, AARIE and more.