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New Single “Dereos Roads”

Dereos Roads has released his latest single, aptly titled “Dereos Roads.” While it could immediately be interpreted to be a celebration of the artist himself, nothing could be further from the truth. The track is about the creative journey, and it emphasizes that Dereos Roads is a place, a path and a goal. Sonically the track is a mix of boom bap, brass, jazz and Dereos’ trademark delivery showcasing creative wordplay and imagery. Taking the production a step further, Dereos enlisted the help of trumpet player Matt Giella, and the collaboration was a perfect fit.

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Highlights from Amongst the Crates at the Government Center

Saturday night was a blast.

Everyone who grabbed the mic tore it down.

The crowd was feeling it!

The atmosphere was really something special.

Check out highlights from the first edition of Amongst the Crates in the 412: live MCs, DJs and beatmakers. Featuring performances by DFRNTFRM, Reasun, Shade Cobain, Dereos Roads, AARIE and more.

Dereos Roads & Reasun Confront American Gun Culture on “Tonz ‘O’ Gunz ’23”

America has endured more mass shootings than sunrises in 2023. It’s not a mental health crisis. It’s a gun problem, and an American problem. In response, Dereos Roads & Reasun take on gun violence, prevalence & culture in American society on their latest track, “Tonz ‘O’ Gunz ’23,” produced by SteamBoi. It is in part an homage to Gang Starr’s classic track “Tonz ‘O’ Gunz” from their album Hard to Earn (1994), which has sadly remained relevant.

You can hear the track wherever you prefer, but as always, consider supporting on Bandcamp here or here. A cover art video is available to watch below. Look out for the official video in a few weeks.