Pre-Save Proseed’s Songs and Seven Blunders Today

Proseed's new album, Songs and Seven Blunders, releases on May 24, 2022. The album includes 14 tracks featuring Real Deal, Reasun, Emcee Sick, Gene Stovall & more. It will be available everywhere, from Amazon to Apple to Bandcamp to Deezer to Spotify. Spotify users can pre-save the album. Don't want to miss the release? Need a reminder of when it's available? Pre-save Songs and Seven Blunders today!

Songs and Seven Blunders by Proseed – Pre-Order Today

Proseed's first album in nearly 6 years, Songs and Seven Blunders, is now available for pre-order through Bandcamp. The album includes 14 tracks and features guest artists Real Deal, Reasun, DFRNTFRM, Gene Stovall, Emcee Sick (Pseudo Slang) & more. You can listen on Spotify, Apple, Amazon & others, but supporting indie artists happens through Bandcamp and hand-to-hand. ☺️ Purchase in any form, digital or physical, includes a special...