“I Can (Freestyle 1.03)” (Digital Single) – Proseed

“I Can” is the third entry Proseed has released for a project called Surface Level Freestyles, a collection of off the top freestyles. For anyone unaware, that tends to mean two things in hip-hop: that there’s no set topic and the emcee wrote about anything, or, in this case, everything said was spontaneous as the beat played; nothing was pre-written. The project is ongoing. 2 tracks. Released October 2021.

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There Goes the Sun (Digital Album) – Proseed

Proseed’s fourth full-length album, There Goes the Sun is a reflective journey that sees the artist embrace growing older & becoming a father while also further examining familiar topics like relationships, political corruption and societal decline. 10 tracks, written and produced by Proseed. Released October 2016.

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Depth in Shallows (Digital Album) – Proseed

Known for his dynamic stage performance, commanding lyrics and countervailing subject matter, Proseed has directed his efforts this time around toward crafting an album devoid of inconsistencies, contradictions and flaws. In a twist of irony, he has cultivated an album not only targeted at the wider world but one that is also rich with reflections on hip hop’s many limitations, including its tendency toward shallowness, vanity and narcissism. Depth in Shallows includes 13 tracks, with production by Ulliversal (Germany) on all but one track. Released April 2013.

$9.00 USD (PayPal)