Travel Through is the collaborative project from Moemaw Naedon and producer, Billy Hoyle. The entire album is produced by Billy Hoyle and is his first full on collaborative project. This will be Naedon's fourth project, but it will be the first where he is the main lyrical focus and features no other rappers. On Travel Through, Naedon and Billy's styles combine forces to form a 9 track project that delivers a cohesive sonic journey through Naedons mindstate ranging from metaphysical visuals, substance use, tales of reincarnation and honest real life issues meshed with abstract lyricism over Billy's spacey yet soulful production.


"Sly and smooth, Moemaw Naedon’s “Travel Through” is a stylish surreal journey. The entire

collection uses a plethora of samples effortlessly woven together into a kaleidoscope of sound. Flourishes abound throughout the album as small details are magnified, every melody and slight nuance is amplified. By taking on this approach Moemaw Naedon is able to grow the songs organically giving the album a loose, playful feeling.Rhythms are infectious and inviting, showing great flexibility. Serving as the heart of the album is the undeniably strong lyricism of Moemaw Naedon which at times is impressively poetic.

-Sound Scene Express


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Release Date: March 12, 2016

All songs produced by Billy Hoyle

All lyrics by Moewmaw Naedon

Album artwork by Ronnie Hicks

® Surface Level Records 2014